Long Road Out Of Darkness: Journey to Paganism



I had planned to write this certain post at a later time, but today seemed like a far more appropriate day. May 2nd has been dubbed in the Pagan community as Pagan Coming Out Day. It’s a day when those of us who are devotional polytheists, Pagans, witches and the like can come strolling out of the broom closet if we so feel inclined.  Now, most people that know me already know my beliefs and that I proudly wear the title of witch. However, the journey to that point has been a long, dark and painful one.

Like most Pagans, I grew up in a Christian household. I was baptized in a Baptist church when I was little. I sang in the children’s choir, and performed in Christmas cantatas and Easter plays. I attended GA (Girls in Action) meetings, as well as Vacation Bible School every summer—sometimes at multiple churches (my parents were divorced so it did happen from time to time). I could recite scripture very well, and my teachers adored me for how well I learned.

Also like a lot of Pagans, I had extremely bad experiences in the church, too.

What my teachers didn’t know was that every Sunday, attending church services was a fight between my mother and me, often fueled by anxieties and fear. I was a child that was absolutely terrified of the things that were taught in church. I frequently obsessed over the entire concept of “the End Times.” Looking back, it took up far more of my time than it ever should have and no one tried to reassure me about it.

Then there’s the little fact that women in my family had always been…different. My mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were very gifted. My grandmothers often had premonitions and could read omens. My mother picked this up and also had a knack for drawing the attentions of spirits.
I would sometimes know things that there was no way possible for me to know. I communed with spirits of the land and sometimes those that had passed on. Later on I would also start having dreams that often foretold of things.

These things did not make church any easier.

When I was about thirteen I met my first love and started to attend church with her family. This was a big mistake. This particular place was one of those holiness churches that condemned anyone who wasn’t straight and Christian. The type that would try to pray the gay away, and shun if you if you couldn’t be fixed. I’d seen people stand at the front of the room while the congregation spoke in tongues and writhed on the floors while the pastor screamed and demanded the demons leave the poor soul so they could be healed.

It was terrifying every single time I witnessed it. My ex…couldn’t take any of this and couldn’t deal with her feelings. So I became the target of her rage and fear and for four years I stayed in an abusive relationship. I couldn’t really tell anyone either, because, hey, it’s sin and I probably deserved it, right?
After that, I became so withdrawn. A lot of abuse had happened in that relationship. I remember reaching out to God and begging forgiveness for everything that had happened and never feeling it.

It was incredibly lonely.

My father became terminally ill not too terribly long after that and while we had a complicated relationship, I loved him and I was devastated. So I ended up dropping out of school to help take care of him. That was some of the hardest stuff ever. To watch a parent get weaker and sicker each day. To see what medication reactions can do, especially late at night. For years I had been coping with abuse and stress by means of self-injury and an eating disorder. These things only intensified, as did the increasing distance of God and the wavering of my faith. There was this constant gnawing and aching in my heart and soul that felt no matter what I did, no matter how hard I prayed and begged, I was doomed to Hell. I felt I was already trapped there, and the more nothing changed for the better, the deeper I fell into the seemingly never-ending pit.

I had been raised with this religion and while I had no qualms with Christ, I felt God had just pretty much said fuck you. It was some of the most painful feelings I ever endured. I was slowly losing my faith.
People sometimes act as if conversion is this thing that just happens in the blink of an eye and that we can just choose to have faith or change beliefs at the drop of a hat. It was a lot more tedious and devastating than that.

Eventually it got to a point where I longed for death. My fear of what was on the other side kept me alive, yet I was terrified of living. My only pleasures in life were my pets (mainly cats and rats) and a new, long-distance girlfriend. They were what really kept me in this world.

When my father finally died, it brought about all new challenges and emotions. After that, I slipped into a sort of ambivalent atheism. I couldn’t stay in that place long, though. I had had way too many amazing and sometimes scary experiences with the Otherworld to be a strict materialist.

A couple of years after that, after things at home had gotten to be too much to deal with, I hopped a Greyhound and ran off to Louisiana to get married to a longtime friend I had met on the internet four years earlier, when I was about 15. A night or two before I actually left, I asked Christ one final time: show me where it is I belong. I couldn’t believe in nothing, and I needed something more than just the vague agnostic sense that some mysterious larger-than-myself Thing existed.

It was in Fort Polk, Louisiana that I found my answer. My then-husband (now ex) and I had been staying with his NCO, who had a few books on a religion I had never heard of: Wicca. While the two were at work I would do the house work and then read through those books. I was amazed. They spoke to me and made me feel alive in a way I hadn’t in years. It was like a cool drink of water being poured over cracked and parched lips.

So many things fell into place and began to make sense, about myself and experiences I had as a child. I only spent six months in Louisiana but what I went through and found there would lead to many open doors.

When I was a Christian, I was not a happy person. I never got any comfort or peace from the religion.   I was lonely and miserable, and while I still struggle with depression, it is nothing like it was. I was given a new family to take the place of the one that had turned its back on me when my father passed. I was given friends and a community and a chance to heal.  I was given a husband who loves me more than I could have imagined, in place of an abusive one.

I was given strength and in the lonely and isolated darkness of an absent God, I found the light, warmth-filled embrace of a present and very much alive Goddess.

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Fun with Mugwort

  This is the first post since I decided to reboot my blog. I spent the last few weeks trying to think of THE perfect post. Struggles with Christianity? Why not about HB2 and how it may affect us as Pagans? All good things, right? Apparently, it needed to be about a new experience with mugwort. I love mugwort. Well, plants in general, really, but there is something about mugwort that holds a special place in my heart and in my practices. It is perhaps my favorite herb (with catnip and lavender coming in next) and is one of my closest plant allies.
      Mugwort is a very witchy herb, with an array of magical and mundane uses. Artemisia Vulgaris, to give its scientific name, has a history of being used in flying ointments, due to its psychoactive properties. It can be smoked, used as an incense and smudge, or imbibed in a tea to sort of open a person up to lucid dreams and psychic visions. Mundanely, it can be used to relax the uterus and relieve the pain of menstruation, and it has also been used in teas to start menstruation if one was late. For this reason, pregnant women should NOT ingest or handle the plant. People take the rest of the plant for stomach and intestinal conditions including colic, diarrhea, constipation, cramps, weak digestion, worm infestations, and persistent vomiting. Mugwort is also used to stimulate gastric juice and bile secretion. It is used as a liver tonic, to promote circulation, and as a sedative. Other uses include treatment of hysteria, epilepsy, and convulsions in children (WebMD-Mugwort).
In my personal practices, I use it often in rituals associated with Hekate, Aradia and sometimes Diana. It also tends to help me in working with spirits, especially when I’m working with bones and a particular bone or animal spirit may need a little bit more time, attention, or aid in decomposing and drying or otherwise becoming ready to be used. The mugwort often volunteers to do its own bit of “work” with the remains. (I like to treat plants like the unique little witches that they are and try listening to their spirits as much as I can.)
So…all of this brings me to an interestingly new experience I had yesterday with mugwort. One of its uses in folklore that actually works is if you place a sprig in one’s shoe, it will help with leg pain and help keep stamina up. I am a person that when I walk, my calf muscles and lower back put me in excruciating pain. On this particular day, I remembered to put a couple of sprigs of mugwort in my shoes and tada! I was able to keep going and I didn’t feel any of the usual pain in my legs. However, my back was still a bit of a problem. My husband suggested next time we go for a long walk like that, maybe I should try putting some in the back of my bra to see if it helps my back.
 Yesterday, we had a chance to try that theory. It took a very unexpected direction. Plans were made to meet a couple of friends at a park and go walking, so beforehand, I do my usual: put my bandana on, grab my water, go put mugwort in my shoes. This time, I grab an extra sprig that is a little bit larger than the one I put in my shoes, and have my husband secure it in the middle strap because yay! short arms and I can’t reach it.

Now, everyone who is sensitive has those places on them that they feel things more, that seem to be more “open” or susceptible to picking up things. For me, this has always been my upper back. When wild spirits and things like that are around, it’s always that area that reacts first. Usually it’s a sensation of cold and prickly and crawling skin. When I had my druid place the sprig in that very area, I didn’t think twice about it.

             Until ten minutes later, that is, when we were halfway to the park and my head starts feeling kinda funny—like “just smoked a bunch of mild weed” kinda funny, only without the brain fog and munchies. So we get to the park, and head over to what they call the Outdoor Classroom, which has a bunch of stone benches arranged in a horse shoe shape. I take out my journal to try to get some work done while we wait for our friends…but that was difficult. I kept feeling and hearing things. The spirits and animals were so noisy! It was like energetic overload. Once I was able to ground a little bit it became a little less overwhelming. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through the grass and dirt and I swear, I could almost feel them giggling. The song of the birds was suddenly so much more than mere song but speech. Things were a lot more clearer and kind of like stepping past a veil where you are still in this world but certain things are just….different and more alive. My circle mates and friends found this absolutely hilarious when they showed and I was able to talk about it. The walk helped me ground further and even helped me be a little more relaxed. I found that the side the mugwort was on actually DID help my back not hurt nearly as much—though I do think I will pass on my husband’s snarky suggestion of wearing a mugwort shirt. I am also very thankful for my ally for helping me find a way to better communicate with the land spirits that I love so much.
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Interfaith issues: When family and religion don’t mix.

This is a topic that I am hesitant to really discuss but due to recent events in my life, I am going to go there.
We all know the entire Pagan VS Christian thing. It’s not a new topic and is something that gets frequently talked, bitched and ranted about within our community.

Sometimes it’s an issue and sometimes, pagans just want an excuse to raise hell about the “oppressors”.  Some of us have legit reasons for feeling the way we do, others, well, not so much.
It’s generally just a messy bag to sort through.
Persecution in some form or another is always present.  Some lose their jobs, children or even families due to their faith or in the more severe places of the world, their very lives.

Some of us have been put through hell from the very churches that were supposed to grant us salvation and peace of mind.

Of course these experiences can cause issues later on, but then there are the pagans that have never experienced one iota of persecution and are the first and loudest to scream “burning times!!!”  (Which most people killed/tortured during this time was not even pagan or witches for that matter. But rather a Christian who had something their neighbors coveted and turned in)
or the moment they find out someone is a Christian, resort to being standoffish and hateful.

In my opinion when any of us stoop to the later, we are no better than the ones who spew hellfire and brimstone at us.  We have to remember that not all Christians hate us and want to see us burned by the fires of hell. That is a difficult thing to keep in mind…It really is. Due to my experiences with the church and other factors, I have had to force myself to not be suspicious of every Christian I meet. I have had to work hard so as not to absolutely hate on or be a general asshole to anyone really of the big three. [Christianity, Judaism and Islam for those that don’t know]  It takes work and time.

It’s also very difficult to be polite when they start the wailing of persecution when their religion is the majority and we happen to live in America especially. I know how hard it is to not slap the hell out of these people. However, as I said not all of them are this way. I have met some awesome Christians who don’t give two shits that I worship more than one deity and none of them is Jesus.

I am trying to get these thoughts out first so I can get to the story of what initially prompted this.  Trying desperately to remind myself that again not every follower of Christ is a closed minded, ignorant ass.
Over the weekend I got married. I married a wonderful, intelligent, talented, and extremely handsome ADF Druid.
Weddings/handfastings are a time of happiness, celebration and in a way, community.

It wasn’t a large or extravagant affair by any means. It was held at our grove with pot luck following the ceremony. My mother and sister and friends/circle mates drove up from NC to witness. My teacher co-officiated as this was a Druid-Strega wedding.

It was simple yet beautiful and we were surrounded by those we cared most for.
The problem here stems from the fact that my husband’s family was made very uncomfortable by the ceremony.  One family member to the point of making disgusted faces and leaving us a card that contained a religious tract and a long hand written comment that  the hubs would not allow me to read but paraphrased saying that it pretty much stated our union would not be blessed unless we accepted Christ’s free gift of Salvation.  This person didn’t say two words to either of us the entire night and gave me a look when our eyes met briefly. A look I later realized I had been given some years ago at a gay pride event by a protester.

I was appalled and made angry at this. Who does that at a wedding?
This bothered me doubly because my own family has never taken issue with my religion. My mother has gone to ritual, festivals and even called in one of my patronesses during the ceremony and yet she’s Baptist. I also grew up in the south which gets a reputation for being ignorant closed minded and hate filled towards anything different.

I can honestly say that it had me close to tears and I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that someone waited until a person’s wedding to do that. Plus the fact that if someone is so uncomfortable and not looking forward to something, why show up at all? It baffled me.

Religion is such a personal thing and people have reasons for choosing a path that they weren’t born into, or no religion at all. How dare someone wait until such a special moment in someone’s life?

I did indeed feel attacked.

It’s easy to shrug off a stranger it’s not so easy when that person is family and a part of a family that you literally just entered into.
I have had to continue to tell myself that everyone is not of this mindset though and repeat the old saying to myself: It’s their problem, not mine.

That’s pretty much it though. Those we love most were there and behaved for the most part and it was a beautiful ceremony with just enough rain to bless it.
In closing…If you are a Christian please be tolerant of others beliefs. Sometimes it’s the only thing in the world a person has to cling to see them through. If you are one of those Pagan’s I mentioned earlier, please try to keep in mind not all Christians are hateful and closed minded as hard as that may be and to folks on either side who just can’t get over it remember this: If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Be blessed people out there in internet land.

Wag festival.

I suppose If  Kemetics celebrated any sort of Holiday that was remotely similar to Samhain, the wag festival would be it.

The wag festival (pronounced “wahg” ) is one of the oldest festival honoring the Akhu (ancestors) and dates back to the 4th dynasty. It took place on the 17th and 18th day of the first month of Akhet  (which is mid-to late August on the Gregorian calendar)

In ancient times, statues of the deceased were taken out and processed to local temples, necropolis and given various offerings (generally flowers, bread, and beer) and then processed back to their tombs.

On the eve of the Wag Festival in Thebes, the priests put model boats on top of the tomb chapels with their prows pointed towards Abydos. At midnight the next day, the boat was then turned around, representing the return of the Akhu to their tombs.

Presentation of victory wreaths for the Akhu having made it from the Hall of Judgment to the Duat, (made from vine, persea, olive, and acacia leaves, combined with papyrus and lotus blossoms)  were also included.

Saturday was a cool, drizzly, over cast type of day. To me, this seemed almost perfect for a day honoring the ancestors and the Gods associated with the underworld.
We left the house early, carpooling with some temple friends and arrived in Philly a couple hours later. The cemetery where our group had chosen to have a picnic and small ritual was very beautiful. It was big. Far bigger than most of the ones Id visit back home was like.  The place almost seemed…ironically, alive in some respects.  I can’t speak for everyone else, but for me the energy was definitely up a bit and the cool fall feeling only added to it. It was beautiful.
022 (2)
We came to the perfect spot. In front of a large obelisk that overlooked a river.  A mausoleum had the name “Horace” on it and it seemed kinda like the perfect omen. There was also another mausoleum near by that had winged serpents on it.
We laid out a water proof blanket thing and sat out food while others sat up an altar with offerings, candles, incense and statues of Yinepu and Wesir and it also included my small Nebthet figurine (that I lovingly call my Nebbie troll cause she resembles a small troll doll), though she is not an official deity of Wag fest. She still wanted to come along.

We ended up getting slightly rained out of our current spot after we did a small ritual and uplifted the names of our Akhu but were still able to walk around and look for a bit.

This was all followed up with a trip to the UPenn museum and it was glorious. So many beautiful things to see. Gorgeous statues of various Gods. The most impressive being those of Sekhmet and the large Sphinx. They vibrated with energy of a time so long ago.

I admit I got a little teary when seeing the tablets from the walls of Bubastis.  it made me ponder of what we leave behind.  Our legacy.
These statues, images of the Gods and just every day house hold items, have stood the test of time.  Someone poured out their heart and soul into these items as they created them. Someone…loved them, honored them, just as we modern day Kemetics continue to do. These were the legacy of someone who in a sense has become a spiritual Akh.  Of course the thoughts of legacy and what we leave to the world also ties in with Mabon for this year. These are just some of my random thoughts. It was a good day though, spent with good company.

Dua Netjer. Dua the Akhu. Hail the Ancestors

.image (2)

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The third Epagomenal day and my journey with Set.


Currently those of us in the Kemetic orthodoxy are in the swing of the Epagomenal days leading up to Wep Ronpet. These “days out of time” are celebrated as the birthdays of the five children of Nut and Geb.
This year I made certain to honor each of them. This was slightly odd because I don’t really have much of a relationship with any of them except for Set and Nebthet. Still, I was determined to honor them on each day.
For Wesir I made a quinoa veggie stew as an offering. For Heru-wer I made chicken, couscous and tried making zucchini fries. Set’s day however…was about more than just celebrating his birthday.

Set and I have a special relationship. He is one of the few Netjeru outside of my RPD line up I have a really close relationship with. Years ago when I first came to the House of Netjer I was slightly put off by the idea of him. I mean…he’s the Egyptian Satan right? He’s evil isn’t he? I mean..he DID kill his brother after all!
He made me uneasy and frightened me a bit but sure enough once I started my beginner class and Bast took a step back it was good ol’ Set that stepped up to the plate along with Nebthet and Hethert.
It surprised me a great deal. Up until this point, no male deity had ever made themselves known to me in any sort of way or seemed interested in being my patron or working with me. Set however, hung around constantly. He was that random, slightly obscene thought that popped up when traveling the isles of the super market or that ever so mocking yet loving presence when first trying to make Natron.
He began to become a comfort to me. Then, a few weeks before my RPD there was a particularly hard night. I had stayed up all night, thoughts racing, trapped in my depression and by morning my eyes were so puffy and my face hurt from the crying. When I finally did get to sleep I had the strangest dream. Right before waking I remember a clear image in my head of him standing at the foot of my bed so proud, and so tall. His was scepter in his hand. The energy in the room was different. It felt masculine and protective. I felt safe which was a rare thing in those days.
So here we are…four years later. He still fulfills the role of spiritual father for me (along with Hermes who is my main male patron) .
I have much to be thankful for because of him. Seven years ago I entered into a marriage on his birthday though I did not know it. That marriage was just…awful. While I cared for him it wasn’t the type of caring that makes a marriage and he couldn’t keep it in his pants. Things were also abusive in a lot of ways and it took a lot to get me to a point where I said enough. I owe that to my spiritual family back in North Carolina, to my patron, Bast and to Set.
A year ago on the same date my divorce went through finally. It took so long I was terrified it would never happen. Never having the money to do it and my ex not wanting to be married yet not wanting to pay for a divorce didn’t make it easier. Somehow things came together and it was finalized on Set’s birthday.

I also have to thank him in part for giving me courage to confront something I had been waiting on and kinda pussy footing around for ten years. So this year’s celebration was extra special.
I took the picture of him and Nebt-het off the wall and placed it on the table that had a white linen cloth on it, libation bowls, and red candle that had his name carved in it and set them out. I made him an offering of rainbow rotini, a shot of dark rum, and dark chocolate. He requested cupcakes from me as well which I made. They had chopped pieces of dark chocolate with a dash of cayenne pepper and a bit of dark rum. These I not only made in his honor and shared with him but I also shared with grove mates at tonight’s reiki share.
I wrote him a letter as part of the Heka chats for the Epagomenal days and once I got home I set forth to doing my own personal heka with him.


I got rid of things that I had held onto for whatever reason. It consisted mostly of fake roses that the ex-had given me that I tried to re-purpose for the shrine and a bit of the hair that Mr. Bear had cut from me last week. I thanked him for lending me courage and strength and for his overall presence in my life.
Again I say… Thank you and happy birthday Set, O great of strength , he who makes the sky shake , O lord of the northern sky!.you have indeed taught me a lot since those first days of our meeting.
Dua Set! Nekhtet!!

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Tana’s day


“The Goddess Tana” Charles Godfey Leland, Etruscan Roman Remains. Raven Grimassi, Ways of the Strega and Italian witchcraft

May 1st,  also known as May Day and Beltane in some traditions. In Stregheria, we celebrate this day as La Giornata Di Tana or Tana’s Day. (Lady’s Day, or even Diana’s Day in some Strega traditions)

Tana’s Day is one of the eight Treguenda’s.
In this Holy Day, we celebrate the return of the Goddess who has come back to her hidden children from the realm of shadows which she entered during Shadowfest. Bringing back light, life and the mysteries she learned as well as the beauty of spring. We also celebrate in the delight that the young Goddess and God share in each other and the fullness of fertility. This is the start of the Goddess Month and she becomes the dominant figure.

Tana and her consort Tanus are the universal aspects of the Goddess and God in Italian witchcraft. They are “The Goddess and God of all Goddesses and Gods”. They are the divinities of the stellar cults known as the Tanarra which hold knowledge of the stellar mysteries. She is known as the Queen of the Fata and spirits. She is the Good Faery and the witch who turned the mice into stars and to rain.

According to Charles Leland, she is the Etruscan name of Diana.

We gather at this joyous time and welcome the return of our Lady. That which began in the time of Shadows has come to its fullness. Cycle unto cycle, time unto time, age unto age.

As it was in the time of our beginning, so it is now, so shall it be
This post is short but sweet, so any who, however you celebrate this day, may it be joyous and blessed!.

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A Day of chewing onions for Bast.

Chewing onions for Bast or as it also known, Onion day is a feast day in honor of Bast (well duh obviously).  For me it is usually spent alone with me performing Senut and then cooking a dinner that includes onions which I then share with my divine mother and anyone else who may be around.
There isn’t much information on the reasoning behind it; to me it’s more of a personal thing as to why. Which, you may find this blog post interesting; I really recommend checking it out.
Why I chew Onions 

This year it was different…
This Saturday was my first House of Netjer gathering.
I was extremely nervous about attending honestly because social anxieties are bitches and I always feel so awkward around people I’ve never met before (hell sometimes I feel awkward around people I’ve met several times)

Despite the nervousness I was still extremely excited. I had waited a long time to actually be able to meet other temple people and being able to attend something that honors my mother made it all the more exciting.

There was a lot of laughter and conversation and though I felt awkward, in a way it felt much like coming home. There has only been one other time I had felt like that in a group of people.
So we got there and sat around on the floor chit chatting and snacking while we waited for the others to arrive.

Once the last of the group arrived we began to set up the altar and get the offerings ready as well as passed around sistra for those that wanted instruments.
Ritual was beautiful and I must say that I have noticed a difference between doing a ritual with a group of people that honor and love a deity as much as you do, compared to those that don’t know much about said deity.
We started out by lighting a shrine candle and doing the four fold libations which Khenne did, I lit the candle and incense that was placed in front of Bast’s statue and Saryt read a little something and poured libations that were placed before the statue.

Bast's altar including offerings

Bast’s altar including offerings

Her presence was truly felt. Singing the song with others from the house made my heart feel lighter than it has since the move and especially in the last week.  After ritual, we performed onion day Heka and partook of offerings (in the KO we believe it fine to share in offerings given to deity) and engaged in more fellowship.

Burning of the Heka cards.

Burning of the Heka cards.


Dinner that night was Outback where we all shared blooming onions.
It was a nice way to end the evening. I left feeling more connected to my mother and to the temple than I have in a long time. It was an experience I really needed and one I am glad I finally got to have. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon. :).

Dua Bast!
Dua Netjer!.

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Familiars in spirit.

I have always been use to spiritual activity in a place. I grew up in several places that were teaming with spirits and yet somehow the goings on of late have kinda stood out the most.

The move has been stressful. I do feel lonely and isolated. I worry about not fitting in or making any friends (because I am shy and don’t make them easily). I am also incredibly home sick for my home circle, and family. The fact I am not allowed to have my cat with me doesn’t help anything. Cats have always been around me. They are that which is always familiar and feels like home. They are such a part of me. Granted, Salem is with a friend and I can see him whenever I want… It’s not the same. Knowing he is not in the greatest health also doesn’t help my stress.

So needless to say the last few weeks have been emotionally rough.

It seems that the spiritual activity has spiked. There have been quite a few moments where I will be alone (well Cecelia is here too *shes my Fiance’s bird*) and things will just happen. Take last night for an example.
Unable to sleep , I got weird before bed and kinda weepy which is an all too familiar thing as of late…
the light goes out and I lay there watching the clock. 2:00…2:30….3:00….and then at 3:30 I feel a distinct weight on my foot as if something has jumped on it followed by the soft chirping noise that Faith would always make.

The other week when I went outside to put the Mugwort on the deck so it could soak up some sun, I heard the mewing that sounded eerily like my Dusty.  I looked around and no cat.  It’s just little moments like that. They don’t last that long but they happen and they are noticeable enough to grab my attention and hold it.

Dreams are something that has also been reoccurring (mostly consisting of Binx and Thomas, both of which have crossed the veil in the last year).

All of this makes me think of something that was told me during Reiki. “They are your helpers”
I keep wondering if..by somehow not having that which is familiar in the physical sense, if they have been trying to comfort and give me something familiar in the spiritual sense. I’m sure that’s it.

Gods bless the familiars…for they keep with us and comfort us even after they have gone on.


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The Year of Nut

Year 20 of the Kemetic Orthodox is here! and the Goddess of the new year is Nut!.

Nut is the mother of Heru-wer, Wesir, Set, Aset and Nebthet. Wife to Geb.
She is the star mother, the one who holds safe all of those who walked before us. I was really excited when it was revealed that Nut is the God of the year. She is a name that always feels very sweet,motherly, and yet at times sad and at the same time, very,very strong.

When the Oracle was given the one thing that kept jumping out at me was Ahku. Our ancestors.
The KO put an emphasis on honoring our ancestors , but i can’t help but think..how many of us over look them except for when Samhain  rolls around?

I think a part of this year should be on reconnecting with out heritage, our ancestors. honoring them more (if you don’t already) knowing that they love us and are always there for us when we need them.
Love was apart of the oracle that stood out a lot. Love of the Akhu, love of Netjer and even the love we share (or need to share) with one another.
we are all children of Netjer after all!
I think the year of Nut will be a good one. a year of hope,love and balance. A year to continue building onto what we started in the year of Ptah.

Who better to represent these things when the world seems to be in so much chaos, than one who shines in the darkness of night?

Dua Nut!

Sekhmet- Hethert Heka.

This is some Heka that i had written for the last full moon which I had led. This particular magical working involves working with Hethert(Hathor) In both her aspects.
As the healing,warrior Goddess Sekhmet and the loving,joyful Goddess Hethert.

These are some things you will need:
Popsicle sticks
A paper heart
Red or pink markers.
a cauldron or something else that is fireproof and can be used to burn things in.
an oil blend for Sekhmet.
 an offering and candles related to this working

There are two parts to this Heka and the first part is with Sekhmet.Before you can put good in, you have to take bad out.

start off by taking your Popsicle stick’s (how ever many you need) and take a marker and write out the things that no longer serve you in this life. Bad things we carry around with us and just hold us back or don’t do anything for our growth be it spiritually or physically.

After you have written on the sticks all the bad you want to banish, take whatever oil or oil blends you associate with Sekhmet and just anoint each stick with it.(i used a lovely Sekhmet oil made by Ahmu that can be purchased here at Of Ravens and Vultures  )

place the Popsicle sticks in whatever you plan to burn them in and say a prayer to the Great Lady asking her to purify you and cleanse you of the unwanted and unneeded things you carry around.

Now that you have taken the bad out, it is time to fill that with good.
The second part of the Heka works with Hathor. You want to start off by trying to raise energy.
Make yourself feel happy and giddy.try to recapture the childlike happiness we all felt at one point.
Clap,dance, sing, use instruments the point is to try and get happy!smile,giggle, laugh. make yourself feel good.

After you have raised a good amount of energy and are feeling good.Take out the paper heart. place it to your own heart and allow it to fill up with the happy,loving,good energy that you just raised. see it glowing and then take a marker and write down things upon the heart that you want for yourself.
nothing like “I want to find to the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend” or “I wanna win the lottery” type thing.
but more along the lines of “I want to love myself more” or ” i want to feel more confident in my skin”

you want to manifest things within yourself on a positive note. bring good things that will make you genuinely happy.
These hearts,once you have work on them a bit,you want to keep on your altar as a reminder of what you want and need for YOU.Offer them up the bringer of joy so that she can help you manifest these desires.

give your offering to her whenever it feels right for you.

Dua Hethert!
Dua Sekhmet!

I hope you enjoy this magical working and that it helps. feel free to use it and to share it but please don’t claim as your own.

Senebty and Blessings.